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Design capability


Time of issue:2020-09-14 15:15:40

Engineering Center has more than 50 engineers and technicians, It has established cooperation relationship with Shanghai Jiaotong University. It has engineering department, production technical department, test laboratory and sample workshop, which can achieve the process from the design to the series . Our company invests 4.5% of annual sales turnover to technical development process innovation、research and development of new products. The products Providing to customers meet the requirements of Europe and America environmental protection policy.


  • The R&D team has good experience
  • Pro-E,CAD,UG design software
  • APQP (Advanced product quality planning)
  • ERP management

Team values

Be realistic
Seek truth from facts and seek truth from results. Ask the bottom of the matter, ask for a thorough understanding, be realistic and pragmatic, not rush or impatient, do ten and nine practical things, and seek results based on objective facts.

Be brave to innovate and meet challenges. Implement in understanding, understand in execution; have a forward-looking awareness in work, establish new methods and new ideas, be able to self-adjust to difficulties and setbacks caused by changes, and be able to find methods and overcome difficulties to solve problems.

Be honest and upright, speak better than practice. Honesty and integrity, consistent words and deeds, not affected by interests and pressure; dare to admit mistakes, dare to take responsibility, customers report problems, and severely stop dishonest behaviors that harm the company's interests.

Professional and persistent, keep improving. Follow the necessary work process, do not do tasks but only do results, tasks are responsible for the work procedures, and the results are responsible for the value of the work, result-oriented, continuous learning and continuous improvement.

Be grateful and optimistic. People-oriented, always carrying a grateful heart is the great wisdom in work and life, which is reflected in the mutual gratitude between employees and employees, the mutual gratitude between enterprises and employees, and the social gratitude of enterprises and employees.

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